Skillset and Accreditation

Unmatched Skillset and Accreditation

At MPK Tree Services, our team possesses a diverse range of certifications and skills that allow us to provide the highest level of arboriculture services. From Certified Arborists to specialized training in emergency response, powerline maintenance and fire mitigation, our team are equipped to handle the most challenging tasks while ensuring safety and compliance every step of the way.

MPK Tree Services is committed to the continued improvement of our team and business practices. MPK Tree Services is made up of highly skilled team members with a wealth of knowledge and experience, who are passionate about the ongoing responsibility of tree care and maintenance. Together, we work towards exceeding industry and safety standards. MPK Tree Services is committed to upskilling our team and is proud to invest in training the future leaders of the arboriculture industry.

MPK Tree Services strives to be an industry leader in performing all business practices in the safest manner possible. We are proud to have been awarded the WorkSafe WA Certificate of Achievement for Safe Work Practices. Our team believes safety is a shared responsibility and it is at the forefront of all activities. with a team that is highly skilled, accredited, and committed to delivering arboriculture services with the utmost professionalism and safety.