Tree Maintenance and Removals

At MPK Tree Services, we are dedicated to caring for trees and removing obstacles to promote their health and well-being. Our certified arborists are skilled in all aspects of tree care, from routine pruning and maintenance to the safe and responsible removal of hazardous trees.

When it comes to tree removal, we prioritize safety and environmental consideration. We follow the Australian Standards (AS4373) for Pruning of Amenity Trees to ensure that the health and longevity of the tree are maintained and to avoid any potential short and long-term issues. This includes avoiding increased shoot production and elongation, weak regrowth, susceptibility to fungal infections, insect attacks, decay, and the destruction of the tree’s natural habit.

Before recommending or performing any works, our team conducts a thorough inspection of the tree to address any issues and concerns raised by the client. We provide recommendations while considering the client’s desired outcome and the overall condition of the tree. If necessary, we can also conduct a more detailed Arborist report for a comprehensive assessment.

All pruning works are carried out by qualified and experienced team members. Our pruning services include crown lifting, modification, thinning, selective/hazard pruning (including powerline clearance for service, HV, and LV), remedial pruning, reduction, formative pruning, and deadwooding. We have the expertise and equipment to handle various pruning techniques to improve tree health, enhance aesthetics, and ensure the safety of surrounding structures and individuals.

With MPK Tree Services, you can trust that your trees will receive exceptional care and attention. Our arborists are dedicated to providing top-quality tree care services while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

Whether you need routine pruning, hazard pruning, remedial pruning, or any other tree care services, MPK Tree Services is here to help. We prioritize the health and longevity of trees while considering the specific needs and desired outcomes of our clients. Trust us to provide professional and responsible tree care services that will leave your trees thriving and your property safe.