Community Involvement & Projects

Making a Difference in Our Community

At MPK Tree Services, we believe in more than just completing tasks. We are committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Through active involvement in local and community projects, our skilled arborists work together to enhance urban forests, improve green spaces, and create sustainable environments. In this article, we highlight some of our recent projects where our experts have made a lasting impact on the landscape and quality of life in our communities.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Since 2018, MPK Tree Services has been proud to contribute to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding for breast cancer research. In addition to financial donations, MPK Tree Services has taken a unique initiative to increase breast cancer awareness by painting their woodchipper in the iconic pink colour. This bold and eye-catching statement has allowed the woodchipper to make a visible impact as it travels throughout the community.

Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

For the past nine years, MPK Tree Services has made a commendable effort to support Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre by donating their time and equipment each month. Specifically, they have assisted in mulching old branches, which have subsequently been utilized in Kanyana’s enclosures. This continuous contribution has resulted in an ongoing supply of mulch for Kanyana’s gardens, providing essential support to their conservation efforts.

Chidlow Cougars Football Club – Major Sponsor

Since 2016, MPK Tree Services has proudly served as the major sponsor of the Chidlow Cougars Football Club. Their unwavering support has significantly contributed to the growth and success of the club. Additionally, in 2022, MPK Tree Services extended their sponsorship efforts by providing jerseys for the junior teams, catering to young children.

Nature Play Parks

MPK Tree Services proudly donates logs that are utilized in the construction of nature play parks within the Kalamunda and Bayswater Shires. These logs enhance the authenticity and natural elements of the play areas, providing children with a more immersive and engaging play experience. MPK Tree Services acknowledges the vital role that nature play parks play in children’s development. These parks provide opportunities for children to explore, interact with the natural environment, and learn through hands-on experiences